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The Burning White The Nail Biting Conclusion To The Lightbringer Series Stripped Of Both Magical And Political Power, The People He Once Ruled Told He S Dead, And Now Imprisoned In His Own Magical Dungeon, Former Emperor Gavin Guile Has No Prospect Of Escape But The World Faces A Calamity Greater Than The Seven Satrapies Has Ever Seen And Only He Can Save ItAs The Armies Of The White King Defeat The Chromeria And Old Gods Are Born Anew, The Fate Of Worlds Will Come Down To One Question Who Is The Lightbringer When, how long must we wait The Burning white well being a red drafter it makes sense kind of but of anything else that may happen in this book, nothing I have no clue Expected publication Fall 2019 Wow What a surprise Thank you I don t want it to end Hopping for a 6th andbesides. THE BURNING WHITE WHAT DOES IT MEAN

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