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Twenty-one Truths About Love Radical, Extraordinary, And Profoundly HumanTaylor Jenkins Reid Daniel Mayrock Loves His Wife Jill Than Anything Dan Quit His Job And Opened A Bookshop Jill Is Ready To Have A Baby Dan Is Scared The Bookshop Isn T Doing Well Financial Crisis Is Imminent Dan Hasn T Told Jill About Their Financial Trouble He S Ashamed Then Jill Gets PregnantThis Heartfelt Story Is About The Lengths One Man Will Go To And The Risks He Will Take To Save His Family But Dan Doesn T Just Want To Save His Failing Bookstore And His Family S Finances He Wants To Become Someone Dan Wants To Do Something Special He S A Man Who Is Tired Of Feeling Ordinary He S Sick Of Feeling Like A Failure Of Living In The Shadow Of His Wife S Deceased First HusbandDan Is Also An Obsessive List Maker, And His Story Unfolds Entirely In His Lists, Which Are Brimming With Dan S Hilarious Sense Of Humor, Unique World View, And Deeply Personal Thoughts When Read In Full, His Lists Paint A Picture Of A Man Struggling To Be A Man, A Man Who Has Reached A Point Where He S Willing To Anything For The Love And Soon To Be New Love Of His Life Having absolutely loved Dicks Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, I was beyond excited for Twenty one Truths About Love, especially when I saw that Taylor Jenkins Reid blurbed the cover Unfortunately, this book didn t work quite as well for me as Memoirs did A 300 page book written entirely in lists Sounds interesting, right At the onset, the format felt fresh and fun and lent itself to a quick read, but quickly, I realized there was a reason this style hadn t been used before it s fun and fresh for a little bit and then I would have liked some traditional chapters 300 pages of lists is a LOT of lists Some of the lists made me laugh out loud and some made me really want to scream at our main character Dan there s a lot of privilege and complaining with this one For me, this would have been cute to have each chapter start with a list and then proceed into of a traditional format after each list, rather than continued list after list What I did love Dan owns a bookstore How can you not love a protagonist who works around books and talks about books within a book Dan s friend Bill from bingo was also a really bright spot in this book Overall, not my favorite, but open to from Dicks in the future and really hoping he goes back to of the vibe I felt in Memoirs Thank you to St Martins for an advanced copy All opinions are my own. I was going to create my own list comprised of twenty one truths about this book, but I realized I only needed one I loved Twenty one Truths About Love Twenty one Truths About Love is a humorous, quirky, and endearing read about one man s fears, anxiety about impending fatherhood, feelings mostly of inadequacy , and the minutiae of daily life all detailed in the lists that he makes constantly throughout the day and nightDan makes lists Dan writes lists mostly about his financial problems, failing business, lying to his wife Jill about his business and their finances, Jill s first husband whom Dan feels he will never live up to, his father who walked out when he was a child, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, and books, amongst other tops Dan s lists reveal that he is a lovely person who loves his wife and family and will do whatever it takes to make them happy, even if it means robbing a bunch of senior citizens at Bingo night When I first started reading Twenty one Truths About Love, I was a little upset when I flipped through the book to see that the entire book is made up of lists I made some faces and grumbled a lot about how I wasn t going to like this book, and then started reading And I read and read and read Before I knew it, I was of the way through and enjoying every minute of it Somehow, through these lists, Dicks creates a multidimensional character in Dan he is flawed, lovable, and relatable Dan stumbles a lot but through his ups and downs, he offers up bits of wisdom about life and love This book is filled with humor, heart, and lots of love I recommend for a light, fun read I won a copy of this book through a GoodReads giveaway We lie most often to the people we love Time passes, lies multiply, and arguably a situation worsens Case in point, Dan Mayrock s expenses which are outpacing his income at the bookstore he opened after leaving teaching Jill, his pregnant wife, is being kept in the dark, led to believe the bookstore is profitable Financial disaster is looming on the horizon.Dan is overwhelmed and anxiety ridden His former therapist suggested that he log his feelings Dan does so in the form of obsessive lists Everything, even the minutest occurrence, is on some detailed list Dan and Jill met at a school faculty meeting He thought Jill to be the most competent teacher ever He didn t think he was skilled as an educator Leaving teaching behind, he opened a bookstore Realistically, Dan found it difficult to turn a profit Watching great books go unread and terrible books sell like hotcakes was disheartening.Dan could not believe that Jill blindly accepts me for exactly who I am Jill was a widow when they met There will always be a part of Jill s life that will remain a secret to me because you can only tell your second husband so much about your previous life with your dead husbandI feelso insecure Will he ever measure up to Peter Desperate times call for desperate measures Reading through Dan s lists, it is clear that he waffled while creating a ridiculously, outlandish plan to procure money quickly Twenty One Truths About Love by Matthew Dicks was written in a unique style Read the lists and discover Dan s resolutions Dan s anxieties, feelings of abandonment, failure and desperation are palpable I enjoyed meeting Bill at the Bingo Hall and Clarence, the labradoodle Dan s outlook was changing, but, in what ways Thank you St Martin s Press and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Twenty One Truths About Love. Things I enjoyed about this book 1 The fact the book was written entirely in lists was really creative.2 Amidst everything that went on in the book, it s really a story about love, fear, and family.3 Many of Dan s thoughts are surprisingly on par with mine.Things I didn t enjoy about this book 1 The list format started to wear me down.2 There was one particular plotline that I found really irksome 3 Darned book made me cryDan left his teaching job to run a bookstore It wasn t as easy or profitable as he thought it would be Of course, he thought teaching would be easy, too, but He s afraid to reveal the extent of his financial struggles to his wife, Jill.Much of Dan s life is characterized by running away from his problems He s the master of not saying what needs to be said He has feelings about his father, who is suddenly trying to reconnect with him after years of estrangement He has feelings about the specter of Jill s first husband, who died, hanging over their heads.When Jill gets pregnant he knows he must do something to get money or he ll lose her but his idea is a desperate one He struggles with the reality of the situation and every possible solution, but he keeps coming back to the least certain and riskiest one And he knows the ramifications of his actions may be worse than his current situation Twenty one Truths about Love is a poignant, sometimes scattered, sometimes disturbing look into the mind of a man who is struggling in so many ways While some of the lists in the book illustrate where Dan s heart and mind are, some are a little quirky and bizarre And some are downright funny.Matthew Dicks is a great writer his Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend still haunts me I loved the concept and the heart of this story It s just, the list thing dragged the story down a bit, to the point where I skimmed through the lists when the subject seemed extraneous Some of the lists ran way too long, too Despite my ultimate weariness with the lasting power of this concept, this was a really creative twist in storytelling and I ll think of this book for a long while.NetGalley and St Martins Press gave me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available The book will publish on November 19.See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.Check out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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