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The End and Other Beginnings: Stories from the Future Bestselling Divergent And Carve The Mark Author Veronica Roth Delivers A Stunning Collection Of Novella Length Stories Set In The Future, Illustrated With Startling Black And White ArtworkNo World Is Like The Other Within This Masterful Collection, Each Setting Is Strange And Wonderful Than The Last, Brimming With New Technologies And Beings And Yet, For All The Advances In These Futuristic Lands, The People Still Must Confront Deeply Human ProblemsIn These Six Stories, Veronica Roth Reaches Into The Unknown And Draws Forth Something Startlingly Familiar And Profoundly BeautifulWith Tales Of Friendship And Revenge, Plus Two New Stories From The Carve The Mark Universe, This Collection Has Something For New And Old Fans Alike Each Story Begins With A Hope For A Better End, But Always End With A Better Understanding Of The BeginningWith Beautifully Intricate Black And White Interior Illustrations And A Uniquely Designed Package, This Is The Perfect Gift For Book Lovers

About the Author: Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Carve the Mark and the Divergent Series Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four A Divergent Collection Her short stories and essays have appeared in Summer Days and Summer Nights, Shards and Ashes, and the upcoming Three Sides of a Heart The Divergent Series was developed into three major motion pictures.Veronica grew up outside of Chicago and graduated from Northwestern University She now lives in Chicago proper with her husband and dog and writes full time.Sign up for Veronica s newsletter to hear news, writing thoughts, book recommendations, etc.

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    i love how much this cover looks like it would be friends with one of Seanan McGuire s wayward children books

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    In this novel by Veronica Roth, it consists of six riveting short stories Each story has its own unique and interesting plotline, setting, a different planet, and different universe.Many of the short stories contain betrayal, manipulation, vengeance, and broken aches The characters have something very similar to all the others in the short stories They all have difficult pasts an

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    Yes I don t have to wait two years for new Veronica Roth material.

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    5 stars I am a bit of a Veronica Roth fangirl so when I saw this new book I got instantly excited and nervous Would it be good as the divergent and carve the mark series I can thankfully say that yes, it is.This book is made up of short stories, a few based in the Carve the Mark world, which I loved as I am always happy to learnabout my favourite worlds and characters and they did not let me

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    I firstly want to say that I was a huge fan of the divergent series so I was very excited to be reading new Veronica Roth material I m not generally a fan of short stories simply because I like immersing myself into the story and you can t do that in just a few pages series girl here however I really enjoyed most of the stories in this collection and didn t feel cheated Each story Has it s own uni

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    4.75CW PTSD, Child Abuse, Depression, parental death

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    3 6 19 Hm, interesting cover Why does it look so much like the Wayward Children books I haven t even read those yet it was a shock to see Veronica Roth s name on this cover.Haven t gotten to Carve the Mark yet, but hey, it s Veronica Roth And did literally anyone read Carve the Mark I swear, it s like it was never written no one talked about it at all I loved Divergent I ll read this But I should probably get

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    .This is short story collection by author Veronica Roth.There are six stories In each story their is different setting and circumstances near future, different planet and different universe.If you have not read Diveregent series or her other books, connecting to characters and places can be little difficult and also their names are tough to get familiar with.But emotions painted by author on its pages are easily id

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    I am not a fan of short stories I don t like being teased by a little piece of text, and then not getting to know the characters further But it is Veronica Roth, so I gave it a shot And I am glad I did each of these stories focuses on that pivotal moment when something ends often painfully The End and Other Beginnings has a lot of stories that deal with depression, child abuse, isolation, death, and overall love too But

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