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Shakespeare for Squirrels Moore has outdone himself With the exception of Lamb, this may be my favorite book of his yet After the brutal misstep of Noir, I thought he d lost his edge Fear not, Pocket and Drool are back for their third Shakespearean jaunt and this time it s Midsummer Night s Dream, my favorite play There were several parts in this book where I laughed until my side hurt or my eyes teared up The fairies are absolutely brilliant, the frequently quoted line is the goblins which I won t ruin, but they say it constantly cracked me up, and the play at the end is perfection Moore manages to create a different concluding play by the craftsmen while keeping their inherent characteristics that made them such unique characters That s the best part the bones of MSND are all here It s still the same basic story, just bastardized in a way only Moore can do And with squirrels So many sodding squirrels. I received an advance copy of this bk as a Goodreads Giveaway We had read another Christopher Moore Book Biff at book club and I was hooked You do not need to like or even have read Shakespeare to appreciate the wit and snark in this book heck, you do not even have to like squirrels but you may look at them a little differently after reading this book Using the Bard s A Midsommer s Night Dream as a backdrop, Moore has married pun intended tom foolery, the entitlement of kings, the follies of young love with some fellows just wanting to put on a play There are some beautiful passages explaining the good power of fairies to create a bountiful land although my favorite fairy portion of the book is when one fairy realizes she could make money being a tooth fairy A little too much foul language and conduct for this reader s sensitive make, but an enjoyable read And the afterward is a must read for any fan of the Bard s to understand how the author s mind worked in creating his cast of characters Well worth the read Thanks Goodreads Once again the intrepid Pocket of Dog Snogging is immersed in heinous fuckery most foul as he becomes entangled in the machinations of King Theseus, Hippolyta, Oberon, and Titania With his apprentice jailed and his hat shagging monkey missing, Pocket finds himself depending on a band of amateur thespians, a frolicking fairy, and a most unreliable narrator to solve the mystery of an unexpected death in just three days.This ribald tribute to A Midsummer Night s Dream is some of Moore s best work Loaded with insults to make the Bard proud, it is laugh out loud hilarious and a rousing adventure to boot In the words of Cobweb That were smashing I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley Many thanks to all involved in providing me with this opportunity. Shakespeare for Squirrels, the latest from Christopher Moore, features the same protagonist as Fool and The Serpent of Venice This time Pocket is back with a retelling of A Midsummer Night s Dream In this tale, he has washed up on Greek shores and is soon enough trying to solve a mystery in the style of The Maltese Falcon yes a Shakespeare Hammett mash up As to be expected from Moore, this book is raucous, bawdy, absurd, and goofy There s loads of puerile humor The story is not an exact retelling of Midsummer Night s Dream but is a fun twist on it with lots of the same characters Puck, Oberon, Peaseblossom, Titiana This is actually the 2nd retelling of Midsummer that I ve read in the past year Moore s novel Lamb is one of my ALL TIME favorite books This book didn t quite measure up to Lamb for me, but it was still a fun escapist read I received a digital copy of this book from edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I m pretty sure I m actually a character in one of Christopher Moore s books and I don t know it I laugh out loud wherever I may be reading his books, dirty innuendos, sarcasm and snark are my signature traits, that and the occasional made up word and cuss words I adore this humor, and when mixed with one of my loves, Shakespeare, it s a true f ing delight I love Pocket, I love the shit he pulls and snark and sarcasm he gives, I love his bawdiness and spunk he makes the plays of Shakespeare damn hilarious I won this book from the Goodreads Giveaway Love that cover and love Christopher Moore. I work in a bookstore Every month we receive ARCs from publishers, and when Shakespeare for Squirrels came in, I thought it sounded like something Terry Pratchett would have written, and that it would be funny.It was not. Shakespeare Meets Dashiell Hammett In This Wildly Entertaining Murder Mystery From New York Times Bestselling Author Christopher Moore An Uproarious, Hardboiled Take On The Bard S Most Performed Play, A Midsummer Night S Dream, Featuring Pocket, The Hero Of Fool And The Serpent Of Venice, Along With His Sidekick, Drool, And Pet Monkey, JeffSet Adrift By His Pirate Crew, Pocket Of Dog Snogging Last Seen In The Serpent Of Venice Washes Up On The Sun Bleached Shores Of Greece, Where He Hopes To Dazzle The Duke With His Comedic Brilliance And Become His Trusted FoolBut The Island Is In Turmoil Egeus, The Duke S Minister, Is Furious That His Daughter Hermia Is Determined To Marry Demetrius, Instead Of Lysander, The Man He Has Chosen For Her The Duke Decrees That If, By The Time Of The Wedding, Hermia Still Refuses To Marry Lysander, She Shall Be Executed Or Consigned To A Nunnery Pocket, Being Pocket, Cannot Help But Point Out That This Decree Is Complete Bollocks, And That The Duke Is An Egregious Weasel For Having Even Suggested It Irritated By The Fool S Impudence, The Duke Orders His Death With The Duke S Guards In Pursuit, Pocket Makes A Daring EscapeHe Soon Stumbles Into The Wooded Realm Of The Fairy King Oberon, Who, As Luck Would Have It, IS Short A Fool His Jester Robin Goodfellow The Mischievous Sprite Better Known As Puck Was Found Dead Murdered Oberon Makes Pocket An Offer He Can T Refuse He Will Make Pocket His Fool And Have His Death Sentence Lifted If Pocket Finds Out Who Killed Robin Goodfellow But As Anyone Who Is Even Vaguely Aware Of The Bard S Most Performed Play Ever Will Know, Nearly Every Character Has A Motive For Wanting The Mischievous Sprite DeadWith Too Many Suspects And Too Little Time, Pocket Must Work His Own Kind Of Magic To Find The Truth, Save His Neck, And Ensure That All Ends WellA Rollicking Tale Of Love, Magic, Madness, And Murder, Shakespeare For Squirrels Is A Midsummer Night S Noir A Wicked And Brilliantly Funny Good Time Conjured By The Singular Imagination Of Christopher Moore I was given an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review Another Christopher Moore book down and I was, again, not disappointed I laughed out loud many, many times I said what the hell am I reading just as many times Moore will forever be my favorite hilarious, not making much sense author and lordy I love him for it all Especially the not making sense part Only his books will I tolerate it cause only he can do it proper. This Shakespearean romp through a Midsummer Night s Dream will not be everyone s cup of tea It s unapologetically derivative It s bloody, naughty, hop, skip and jumpy, and still manages to be plenty of fun I loved it, but your mileage may vary With Christopher Moore s hand on the pen or, I suppose, the keyboard you ll never be able to look a squirrel in the eyes again Acknowledgement Thank you to NetGalley for a free copy of this book, in return for an honest and objective review.

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